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We Help Those in Need Afford Home Energy

Vision & Mission

The Fuel Fund of Maryland provides resources to vulnerable Maryland families for heat and home utility needs. Our donors, board and staff support and advocate collaborative funding and services that ensure affordable energy to families that must overcome hardship caused by poverty and assist these families to meet their human needs.

A couple in need


The Fuel Fund was incorporated in 1981 as the Fuel Fund of Central Maryland, following the nation's first energy crisis during the late 1970s when an oil embargo squeezed supply, and energy prices soared. Hardest hit were those people least able to pay dramatic cost increases. Victorine Q. Adams, a Baltimore City councilwoman and noted civil rights activist, intervened and the earliest version of the Fuel Fund was born. She was moved to do so when a couple in her council district froze to death in their home. Adams vowed that this would never happen again under her watch. Today an integrated network of fuel funds across the nation carries on Mrs. Adam's vision.

With the onset of the deregulation of the electric utility industry, the Fuel Fund changed its name to Fuel Fund of Maryland, Inc. At every stage of the life of the Fuel Fund, its focus has been solely on the essential energy needs of individuals and families for whom energy is unaffordable. Families who receive help always pay as much of their bills as they are able. The portion that is unaffordable is usually divided among the customer, the Fuel Fund donations and bill credits allowed by the utility. In this way, the Fuel Fund supplements the resources of each family. Likewise, in order to use all of the resources that are available for families, the Fuel Fund refers applicants to the government-funded programs that operate out of the state Office of Home Energy Programs. Often a family receives adequate assistance from these programs. If they are still in need, the Fuel Fund helps.

Board of Directors



Jody Costa 
Vice President of Marketing
Barcoding, Inc.

Vice President

Bob Frazee 
Retired President & CEO
MidAtlantic Farm Credit


Shawn Joseph 
Director, Head of State & Local Tax
Legg Mason Global Asset Management


Stacy Wirth 
Senior Business Analyst



Frank Leonhartt 
Director Revenue Management
Baltimore Gas & Electric

David Saunders, II 
Asset Strategy Consultants

Sean Dunphy 
Vice President Business Banking
M&T Bank

Phil Leadore 
Sr. Manager Technology Advisory Services
SC&H Group

Marc Sloane 
Miles & Stockbridge

Janessa Shaikun 
Director of Marketing
Franklin & Prokopik, P.C.

Michael Schmeckpeper 
Vice President

Past Chair

Jack Ramey 



Mel Brennan 
Executive Director

Diana Eagan 
Executive Assistant

Debbie Brown 
Director, Development

Anne-Elise Woappi 
Development & Database Manager

Danielle Phelps 
Development Coordinator

Cami Caudill 
Director, Affordability Solutions
Affordability Solutions

Kate Natafgi 
Program Coordinator
Affordability Solutions

Wallace Knobel 
Lead Program Specialist
Affordability Solutions

Heather Schwitalla 
Program Specialist
Affordability Solutions

Sam Impink 
Lead Program Specialist
Affordability Solutions

India Dorsey 
Program Specialist
Affordability Solutions

Candace Scroggins 
Program Specialist
Affordability Solutions

Victor Walters 
Program Specialist
Affordability Solutions




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