Corporate Partnerships with the Fuel Fund of Maryland

We Help Those in Need Afford Home Energy


By partnering with the Fuel Fund, you help fellow Marylanders keep their power on while also building good will and brand recognition in the community. After 35 years of successful outreach and fundraising efforts, the Fuel Fund has tremendous reach through which it can support your brand. Partners with Fuel Fund will gain a connection to:

  • More than 60,000 individual donors
  • About 1.2 million total touches throughout the year to current and potential donors
  • Thousands of families served and educated by the Fuel Fund
  • Local television and radio stations
  • Prominent foundations
  • Major banking institutions, national law firms and other corporate entities

We work with each partner to determine the most effective way to work together.

We can offer:


Mentions on our social media outlets which currently have a growing and dedicated following of nearly 800 individuals, as well as a network of more than 3,000 individuals through our network agencies.


Joint participation in public relations campaigns to draw attention to current issues around energy affordability in our state, and the people who make Fuel Fund assistance possible.

Brand Awareness

Recognition for support of a Fuel Fund program such as our energy conservation classes, Watt Watchers.  Recognition takes the form of logo placement on program materials and advertisements, the Fuel Fund website and social media, and a special feature in our widely distributed newsletter.


  • The Fuel Fund is a rapidly growing organization, certified by the Maryland Association of Nonprofits for its Standards of Excellence. Volunteer leadership on our Board of Directors and related committees is a key element to maintaining that success.
  • The Fuel Fund has volunteer opportunities for staff, including on-going and one-day options for individuals and for teams.  


We can also bring our energy conservation expertise to your staff through tip sheets, contests, lunch time seminars or workshops.


We are grateful for recent support from:

·         M&T Bank

·         SunTrust Bank

·         Transamerica Foundation

·         T Rowe Price

·         Venable Foundation


For more information, contact:

Debbie Brown
410-235-9080 x1002