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As the Holiday season quickly approaches, we will hear many times this famous move line:  "every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!"
When you give to the Fuel Fund during the Holidays, you are giving wings to someone like Mrs. Randolph, age 40, who works as a breast center schedule coordinator for the University of Maryland Medical System.  Recently, this Mom to a 13-year old daughter, Ianna, faced an unplanned financial struggle with her aging home and realize quickly that she needed help.
Although Mrs. Randolph selected the budget billing option, most of her savings were quickly lost because of the lack of attic insulation and small holes on her roof.  Literally, her hard earned money was going through the roof!  When she received a monthly bill for $563, she was shocked.  Then came the turn-off notice.  "Now I was lost and scared," said Mrs. Randolph.
She applied for energy assistance and contacated the Fuel Fund of Maryland.
"The day I called the Fuel Fund offices, I received the financial help that me and Ianna so desperately needed," she said.  "What I didn't know was that I was also going to be given the educational resources that I needed as well.  And, whatever I needed to do, I was going to do to fix the situation we were in," she added.
In Watt Watchers, a two-part workshop, Mrs. Randolph learned proactive ways to save on her monthly utility bill and was able to get her aging home weatherized through one of our many community partners.
"Watt Watchers was so informative and the instructor, Wally, was awesome," she exclaimed.  We were able to review our individual bills and ask questions and I also learned about additional energy saving programs and opportunities offered through the Fuel Fund," she said.  "To be honest, I would go to class ever year!"
Mrs. Randolph found her way through her financial crisis and she was given the resources to take control of her family's energy usage.
"I will always be greateful to the amazing donors at the Fuel Fund," she said.  "Thank you for not judging me when I needed the help.  Each of you are truly my angel -- an energy angel," said Mrs. Randolph with a catch in her voice.
Donate during the Holidays and be the "wings" to a neighbor in need.
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