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We Help Those in Need Afford Home Energy

Real Stories


These are the stories of Marylanders who have received assistance and support from the Fuel Fund of Maryland. Too many Marylanders live one crisis away from choosing to pay their energy bill, mortgage, rent or prescribed medications.  Some are seniors on a fixed income, those facing a chronic illness or an  unexpected job loss. Whatever the struggle may be, we are often the last and only resource to keep their home safely powered.  

For nineteen years, Ms. Patricia Carberry has been a self-sufficient single mother, able to provide for herself and her daughter. Now, nearing 60 years old, she has found it challenging to keep up with her physically demanding... Read More »

At Jasslynn Colon’s home, homework time takes priority. But helping her three boys with their homework would be far more challenging had she...

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Her power had been turned off and her home was cold. Hesitantly, but with all other resources exhausted, Ms. O’Connor turned to the Anne...

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"I am inspired to be part of the solution.”   Thanks to supporters like you, the Watt Watchers program...

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Who benefits when you support the Fuel Fund of Maryland?   Mr. Taylor is 75 years young. He loves to bowl, watch Barney...

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