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After Decades of Self-Sufficiency, Fuel Fund Helps a Single Mom Get Back on Track

For nineteen years, Ms. Patricia Carberry has been a self-sufficient single mother, able to provide for herself and her daughter. Now, nearing 60 years old, she has found it challenging to keep up with her physically demanding paratransit work, helping less mobile individuals get to where they need to go.


Early this year, she found herself unemployed and struggling to keep up with her bills. “I had just gotten on top of my bills,” she laments. She paid what she could on her utility bill, but it wasn’t enough. Finally, turn off notice in hand, in fear of her asthmatic daughter living with poor air circulation and losing the food she just purchased with precious limited resources, she turned to GEDCO, a community service agency serving her neighborhood in northern Baltimore City. GEDCO helped Ms. Carberry apply for Fuel Fund assistance to keep her power on while they also developed a plan to secure a new job. Grateful, Ms. Carberry recounts that the assistance “was in time, it was right there.”


Ms. Carberry looks forward to starting a new line of work now, a retail position for a local business and is hopeful for the future.

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