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Cold Home Met by Warm Hearts

Her power had been turned off and her home was cold. Hesitantly, but with all other resources exhausted, Ms. O’Connor turned to the Anne Arundel Community Action Agency. She was met with warmth and understanding as she sought financial assistance to help get her power turned back on.


Ms. O’Connor had worked successfully in sales for many years, for an industrial products company, a beverage company, and others. However, after a layoff in March in the midst of a still weakened economy, she has struggled to find full time employment again. Without health insurance and in need of regular medications, her monthly expenses soared beyond her capacity.


Case workers at the Community Action Agency were able to help connect Ms. O’Connor with Fuel Fund assistance to pay her utility bills. “Everyone was so nice,” she said. “I hugged and kissed a woman,” she recounted, as she was so overwhelmed with gratitude for the kindness she received.


Now, with her power restored, she is again empowered to rebuild her career and financial situation. She is working hard to find a new job, and to save enough to cover her pending heating oil bill for the winter.

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