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Real Stories

From Energy Insecurity to Big Dreams

At Jasslynn Colon’s home, homework time takes priority. But helping her three boys with their homework would be far more challenging had she not been able to keep the lights on with the help of Fuel Fund of Maryland and Paul’s Place.


Three years ago, Jasslynn moved from Delaware to a low-rent apartment belonging to a family friend in Baltimore. Though she had was CNA/GNA (Certified Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Nursing Assistant) certified and was working as a personal home health aide, her earnings were not enough and she needed to lower her living costs. 


Without a local network, Ms. Colon struggled to find steady employment and again faced tough financial decisions. “I thought my electric was going to be turned off,” Jasslynn lamented. A home without power would mean not being able to refrigerate healthy food, no warm baths, and no radio or television like her kids’ friends at school. 


Fortunately, she discovered Paul’s Place, a community center in Southwest Baltimore and an agency in the Fuel Fund network. “Sometimes people need help,” she said, “and it’s a place they can get help.” Paul’s Place and Fuel Fund were able to provide the assistance needed to keep the power on.


Now, with her safely powered home and a new job as a student aide in an elementary school, she has newfound security and planning for her future again. She says that she loves working with kids, but she looks forward to going back to school to work towards her RN degree once her children are a little older.

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