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We Help Those in Need Afford Home Energy

want a more comfortable home & lower energy bills?

The Watt Watchers program is for you!

Join thousands of Marylanders who are now part of the solution. What did Leslie, Nancia, Sharon and Caroline learn from their Watt Watchers journey?

Are you ready to become a Watt Watchers? We have 2 great opportunities to fit any schedule and achieve success: energy workshops at community centers and an online game. We also work with community leaders to organize Marylanders around energy conservation.

We offer Watt Watchers as part of our mission. All services provided are entirely free and you keep all the savings for you and your family.

Energy Workshops

Watt Watchers workshops are entirely free and build on interactivity and games to offer you a compelling experience. Click here to learn more about energy workshops, or explore our schedule of upcoming sessions.
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Online Game

Don’t have time or can’t come to one of our in-person energy workshops? Play our 
free game for a fun, easy way to stop wasting energy. This program is available in the convenience of your home or anywhere from your smartphone. Highly recommended for those of us using public transportation who want a smart way to kill commute time!
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Contact Rachel at 410 235 9080 option 3.